Energan provides consulting and advisory services for multinationals aiming to enter Central and Eastern Europe.

Energan is involved in projects in Romania, Bulgaria and Russia, working with both EU and local financial institutions.

Energan is looking forward to developing its current capacity and exploring further regions and countries.

Local expertise, deep and thorough understanding of the domestic business environment are the keys of success.

• Founder and Shareholder of Energan Ltd

• Mr. Stantchev’s vision, entrepreneurial spirit and strong professional network expanded the scope of Energan’s business activities

• Over 10 years of professional experience in commodities trading (especially oil & gas) Mr. Stantchev set up a joint venture with Mark Rich & Co, UK and then spent almost 3 years with Glencore, UK, in charge with Romania, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Georgia and Azerbaijan

• Fluent in English, Bulgarian, Russian, Serbo-Croatian, Macedonian and German

• Energan was formally established in 2000

• Mr. Stamen Stantchev has a wealth of experience in derivatives, commodities trading and international financing advisory and structuring

• Energan provides consulting and advisory services in Central and Eastern Europe, positioning itself as a partner of choice for multinationals aiming to enter this emerging business environment