Energan provides consulting and advisory services for multinationals aiming to enter Central and Eastern Europe.

Energan is involved in projects in Romania, Bulgaria and Russia, working with both EU and local financial institutions.

Energan is looking forward to developing its current capacity and exploring further regions and countries.

Local expertise, deep and thorough understanding of the domestic business environment are the keys of success.

Energan was involved in different projects in Romania, Bulgaria and Russia

Energan works closely with Credit Suisse First Boston, Raiffeisenbank AG, Bank Austria Creditanstalt, the International Finance Corporation (a member of the World Bank Group), as well as with various other European multinationals

Energan also has good contacts and cooperation credentials with local banks, insurance companies and other financial institutions in Romania, Bulgaria and Russia

In Romania
• Consulting services for several privatization projects
• Initial due-diligence and advisory services for various financing projects
• Advising multinational and foreign companies regarding local business environment, investment opportunities and pitfalls
• Preparation of a wide range of feasibility studies

In Bulgaria

• Sale of a local brewery
• Financing medical, transportation, industrial & agricultural projects
• Establishment of & sale of a chain of fuel stations
• Establishment of an Investment Fund

Credit Suisse First Boston
• Sale of Petrom
• Sale of Distrigaz

• Tiriac Bank acquisition for HVB in Romania
• CEZ – Electrica Oltenia Sud

CEZ Group
In Romania
• Montenia Sud Elektro-Distribution
• Greenfield project Motru Power Plant 660 mW
• Investment in Motru Lignite mines
In Bulgaria
• Acquisition Lignite Power Plant 400 mW electricity, lignite mines and 5 Thermal Power Plants
• Greenfield project of 660 mW Power Plant in cooperation with Brikel

• Advising contract in CEE

• Exclusivity for Romania for Skoda Transport
• Exclusivity for Romania for Skoda Power

In Romania
• working on Acquisition Power Plant of 400 mW capacity
• Lignite mines Doicesti
• 200 mW new production units

• Acquisition of three national copper mines
• Acquisition of Karpatina Mineral Water Brand